The Surf

Surfers are spoilt for choice at Silverdog. Ride or walk down the hill to Super Suck and Play Grounds.

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Sumbawa’s most sought after wave is at your door step. Supersuck is a heavy left hander known for its awesome barrels. Shallow and sharp Supersuck is a wave for the experienced surfer and best surfed on the high tide.

To the right of Supersuck is Playgrounds. This is a great beginners wave and is directly in front of Silverdog. 

Yo Yo's

A 20 minute ride south gets you to this fun consistent wave located in Sekonkang. YoYo’s is surfable on most tides and rarely disappoints. There are two spots at YoYo's.The Hook and The Wedge.

The Hook is located about 400 metres from a looming cliff face and breaks right. The Wedge is right up close to the cliff face. It closes out when it’s over 8 feet.


Not too far past YoYo’s you will find Tropicals. This fun wave has a left and right break. The channel means an easy paddle out.

Tropical's also suits beginners to intermediate surfers.

Scar Reef

Like Super Suck there are plenty of barrels on offer at Scar reef.

This wave works best with a large south west swell. Scar Reef is located 20 minutes North of Jelenga. It is a hollow left hander best surfed on a low tide.  It’s called Scar reef for a reason……..experienced surfers only.

No Surf? 

If the swell has dropped off or you feel like a change: 

  • HASH run every Saturday afternoon, a great oppertunity to explore the jungle and local villages, all welcome, check with our staff about start times and locations.
  • Mountain bikes for hire.
  • Take a hike through the jungle, these walks can be as easy or as difficult as you like, the tip is to get an early start to avoid the heat of the day.
  • Silverdog has scooter's for hire – check out the local restaurants and markets in Maluk, or ride out to Jereweh and see the waterfalls.
  • Snorkelling– mask’s etc available for hire at Silverdog.
  • Great swimming in Maluk Bay.
  • Silverdog also offers a library and board games.